There are many myths about hypnosis. Some people think that it's a magic wand that will cure anything (and maybe it is in some cases) while others think it doesn't exist at all. What I believe is that it is an altered state of consciousness that you can use for your own benefit. We are all recognizing more and more the value of altered states of consciousness in healing. Recently I went to hear Stanislov Grof talk  (a pioneer in LSD therapy and the inventor of holitropic breathing) and he emphasized the importance of altered states of mind in therapy.  In hypnotherapy we can open ourselves to states of consciousness that nurture creativity, new solutions and self healing. And we can do it with a feeling of safety and support. And whether Einstein really said it or not, No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Frequently asked questions

Will I feel like I have no control in hypnosis?

No, you will always be in control. You will feel more relaxed and more open to suggestions, but all of the suggestions will be things that you want to change. You will generally still be able to talk and will remember what happened.

Will you just be talking to me while I am in trance relaxing?

Generally the style of hypnotherapy that I use is interactive so you will be talking and visualizing and it will be a journey together. There might be some times when I guide you and you just trance out. If you like relaxing to hypnosis, there are lots of great recordings and videos online. Michael Sealey is one of my favorites.

What is the difference between hypnotherapy and psychotherapy?

I am not a licensened psycotherapist. There are some areas of psychological pain that are outside of my scope. That said, hypnotherapy can be used effectively for many issues from pain to childbirth to stopping bad habits, time management, fear of speaking, feeling anxious and of course my speciality, creative growth. We have a short time on this planet, let's grow as much as we can!

How long will it take?

Most hypnoterapy is short term, but not all is. We can often clear a problem in a few sessions. Each issue is unique and some people like the hypnotic experience and get great results so they keep coming back to work on more areas.